Htc Desire S Android 4


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Htc Desire S Android 4

The most powerful Android phone ever — but is it the htc Desire S Android 4? Update: read our Desire HD and HTC Desire S full reviews to see if the older version still stacks up. After unleashing the massively impressive HTC Legend, its bigger brother, the HTC Desire, is here — faster, bigger and more powerful and still packing the Android punch. HTC tried to do too much?

We reviewed a Desire from T-Mobile, which is first in line to offer the phone on UK release, but we also checked out our findings from another Desire review unit straight from HTC, to really find out how it compared to the competition. While the Legend was all about style and functionality in one tidy package — the HTC Desire takes a slightly different approach. Instead of the gorgeous aluminium chassis, we’re given a slightly more low-key brown case and a huge 3.

Htc Desire S Android 4

The screen reaches the edge of the chassis nicely, and the four buttons on the front of the HTC Desire are almost flush and set in attractive aluminium. If you’re looking for comparisons between this and the Nexus One, the first is highly obvious: the trackball is gone.

The phone is very slim indeed, with dimensions of 119 x 60 x 11. 9 mm, and weighs in at just 133g. It has a rubberised chassis, which is a little hard to grip at times.

We’re not talking so slippy you’ll be dropping it all the time, but it still can be a little difficult to hold in one hand, especially if you have dinky digits. That said it sits very nicely in the hand, with a sumptuous curved chassis feeling very nice and making it easy to press the buttons on the front with the thumb. There’s actually very little button-wise on the HTC Desire, with only six in all.

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Htc Desire S Android 4

Terminator optical trackpad also clicks in as an enter key. 5mm headphone jack atop the HTC Desire.

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The USB slot is hidden at the bottom — no cover to keep the dust out, but on the plus side it’s once again microUSB, banishing the memory of the horrid miniUSB port from HTC designs of old. There’s also a microSD card slot for extra memory — but that’s hidden below the battery, and can’t be taken out without turning off the phone. The screen is simply to die for — we mentioned it was an OLED capacitive effort earlier, but that brings such glorious colour reproduction and 3. 7-htc Desire S Android 4 is a great size for media and the internet on a phone.

The design is sleek, and the Desire certainly looks the business — sleek and compact, while still showing off the power of the OLED screen. Yes, it lacks the style of the HTC Legend, but we think it more than makes up for that in function.


In the boxHTC is excellent at keeping packaging minimal, and the Desire once again comes in a coffin-like box with the standard kit inside. This means a microUSB cable, which plugs into an adaptor to make a wall charger, and the standard headphones which double as a hands-free kit. HTC hasn’t seen fit to update these, but they’re functional and work well to use for calls and media, providing you don’t have the same odd-shaped ears as us. There’s not a lot more, but with the minimal space in packaging you can see why HTC has kept the components down.

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PS4 vs Xbox One: which is better? England and Wales company registration number 2008885. HTC Sense — пользовательский интерфейс, разработанный компанией HTC для мобильных устройств с операционными системами Android и Windows Mobile.

На Windows Phone он присутствует в виде панели HTC Hub. Фактически само понятие HTC Sense теперь можно отнести исключительно к ОС Android. HTC Sense основан на предыдущей оболочке от HTC под названием TouchFLO 3D, которая применялась в телефонах на Windows Mobile. Первыми устройствами с интерфейсом HTC Sense стали HTC Hero под управлением Android и HTC HD2 под управлением Windows Mobile, а также HTC Touch 2, также под управлением Windows Mobile.

Последняя версия интерфейса на данный момент — 9. Он значительно отличается от Android-версии, фактически — не имеет с ней ничего общего. На данный момент развитие HTC Sense для Windows Mobile прекращено, в связи с фактической «смертью» и неконкурентоспособностью платформы в целом. HTC на Android имели интерфейс Sense с практически идентичной функциональностью.